Hmm, does that look like this?

A Main Relay for a 1989 Acura Integra?


The last supper? Nachos and Artichoke dip? I'm in.

Tom's wife Nicole doing her best Tom impression.

"Put that thing away!"

Mmmmm, Beer.

Can you believe he's part Irish?


Dive! Dive!

Squishy tired


I joined Chris out at AutoCross on Sunday and decided to put the Forester to the test.


By popular demand ... Blue Sea Lion with ColorMouth. Trademark pending.


Desktop Wallpaper.

You can never really hold back a yawn no matter how hard you try.

Lazy good for nothin' cats.

Yawning is contagious.

Lazy Saturday at the Henry VIlas Zoo in Madison.


Day 1: It's abstract art. "It looks like a butt." "It is."

Day 1: Jon's hospital water closet, can you guess how to flush the toilet?

Day 1: Jon is struggling to smile against the pain, his Sony camera is failing just minutes outside of the warranty period.

Day 1: More hospital visage.

Day 1: This is the back side of Centraal Station. The hopsital had good views.

Day 1: Jon teaching us how to spell relief, A -p-p-e-n ....

Day 1: So, did they perform the surgery arthoscopically or ... GOOD LORD! that's gonna leave a mark!

Day 1: This place is great, even the hospital beds have bongs ... oh wait.

Day 1: A little more than 24 hours after surgery Jon's hard at work on the computer. Either that or he's watching Gilmore Girls.

Day 1: Leiden University Medical Center, this is more than a tour, we are visiting Jon who had his appendix taken out.

Day 1: Bikes are a primary mode of transportation. With narrow roads and even more narrow alleys bikes offer an agile mode of transportation. The key is to have your bike look like crap so no one will steal it.

Day 1: O Sole Mio is a favorite of Jon and Jen.

Day 1: Still orienting.

Day 1: Temps were warm enough for the boats to start coming out.

Day 1: This is the end of Haarlemmer Straat, Better known as shopping street. There are a ton of stores like you might see at a mall.

Day 1: This goose was getting a little lippy (?).

Day 1: The goats are maintaining the grass. That is anchor park, we'll see more of it later.

Day1: Jen took us for a quick orientation tour of the neighborhood.

Day 1: This is Leiden Centraal Station. At this point we had been in the rental car for two hours, the plane and airport for 9-10 hours. We arrived here via a 25 minute train ride after Jen met us at the airport.


Jen's fries had sate` sauce on them. It's a thai sauce that is pretty much like warm peanut butter. It's really better than it sounds. Posted by Hello

Jon handing me Fries with mayonaise. "They drown 'em in that [expletive]." Posted by Hello


The story of the origins of the name Antwerp. Posted by Hello

Some crappy foreign car :D Posted by Hello

I believe this is an old Puegeot, another Antwerp find. Posted by Hello

Mini Cooper Cabriolet, We walked past the Mini Antwerp Store, they had about 20 on site. Posted by Hello

No ID, bad part of town. Posted by Hello