Chad Fowler Quote

"I'm sick of being associated with arrogant bastards."

- Chad Fowler

Surprise visitor makes an appearance in Portland

So, I am sitting in a conference session and who do I see? My dog, Wrinkles!

The speaker was going through a few funny pictures to get the crowd warmed up. And up pops this picture of my dog.

It was a crazy moment.

DHH - Keynote quote

"Rails 2.0 is not going to be a unicorn."

RailsConf '07

Jon and I are in Portland, we flew in on Wednesday morning, and picked up our rental car. We drove down to Bend, OR (2.5 hours) and visited my cousin and his wife (Michael and Gillian). We enjoyed a BBQ and bonfire with Michael, Gillian, Dick & Diane (Gillian's Parents), and a few of their friends (Jordan, Susan & James).

We took the scenic route back to Portland through Sisters, OR and testing the Dodge Charger RT on some back mountain roads.


Flip This Car

The buzz in real estate these days is house "Flipping". Buy an older house that needs work throw a bunch of time and money at it and sell it for a huge profit.

That's what I've done here to a 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle Laguna only without a lot of money and I have no intention of selling.

60 MPH ... Backwards

A fresh look at a classic ...

A striking change with just a little paint and some new decals.


Race Results Week 3

This season I have seen by far the most door-to-door type racing in my entire twelve-year career. That's a statement about the quality of the equipment I've been given, my growth as a driver, and the level of competition brought by my fellow back-up racers.

The TTL Photography Chevrolet was just awesome.

From the Columbus 151 Speedway Press Release:

Jim Remsik, Jr of DeForest claimed the 8 lap back up feature win after running down the leader half way through the event. Wayne Hook grabbed the lead on the first lap and stayed out front as Remsik was running him down. Remsik caught Hook and made the winning pass on lap four with Bruce Havel in tow for second. Havel made several attempts at a pass for the lead, but Remsik had too much and was able to hold him off. At the line, it was Remsik for the win followed by Havel and George Wachuta.


Race Reports Week 1 & 2

Combined race reports for weeks 1 & 2. Subconsciously, I probably didn't want to post week 1 on it's own.

Week 1

I had residual mechanical problems from last year that caused me to make it on track but, not be able to race. Big bummer but, I got the 4 points for making an attempt.

Week 2

After the failure of week one I was happy to make some laps at speed. My low point total placed me on the front row outside. From there I took off and had the early lead. In fact I lead the first six or so laps. Laps that were filled with side by side racing with seven time back-up champion Bruce Havel and I door-to-door, backwards, at speeds reaching almost 60 MPH. We came upon the slower traffic of Wayne Hook. Going through the corner Bruce took the high groove and I took the low groove splitting around Wayne and then coming back together door-to-door. Subsequent lapped traffic stole the victory from me.

Second place for the second race of the season. Makes me wish I had been able to make the first race...