New Blog

I have moved my blog ... or rather started posting elsewhere since this site has gone stale. Check out bigtiger.github.com for more up to date information.



Home, in Jax Beach

We're getting settled into our new house.

There are still boxes to unpack and rooms to organize. My parents and Veez were able to help us out a great bit over this past weekend. Wrinkles is enjoying the lack of steps as he continues his recovery on his now near month-old surgically repaired knee.

We purchased a new TV and ordered new furniture. The furniture will be here in 2-3 months. The biggest inconvenience experienced is a lack of cable and internet. But, as you can tell we're finding ways to stay connected.

Stay tuned for more updates ...


Version0 deployed in Jacksonville

Veez (Version0, Matt) had a conference in Orlando late last year. That afforded him some time to visit Jax with little to no penalty. It was a good visit but, I felt like he missed out on getting to meet a number of people and see how we work.

Since that visit he had gone out on his own to do freelance Rails consulting. We got him back down here for another visit and he's now working with us at Hashrocket. As surprise interstate relocations have a tendency to have a lot of details, the minutia are not all worked out just yet but, he's currently working to blast the ghetto alongside the rest of the Rocketeers.

Welcome aboard man!


Sold the house! More or less ...

After being on the market since November we accepted an offer on the house as of this past weekend. There are only boilerplate contingencies. The buyers have accepted an offer on their home. They close on both their sale and purchasing ours on the same day. As long as the sale goes off without a hitch ours should as well.

They also wanted a home inspection. That was performed yesterday. Apparently there was a Radon gas problem in the house. So yet another $1000 will be going to some vendor or service provider for the sale of our home.

We've got a house picked out down here. We're renting a 3 bedroom, 2 bath from a co-worker. Nice place, great yard for the dogs. It's late but, I wanted to get a post in here.


Jen is in town this weekend, YAY!

I get to see the wife this weekend and introduce her to our new life in Florida (temporary housing, new job, and new friends).

She arrives Thursday and departs on Sunday morning. It will probably take her a half day just to defrost. This winter has been colder that normal and they've gotten near record amounts of snow.

We've got plans with my parents for dinner on Saturday, halfway between Jacksonville and Ocala.


Fitness Class: Day 2

We did laps today, a lap consists of running around a nearby church including stairs to the second level and on the west end doing tricep squats and the east end either wall-sits or curb lunges.

After that we did some work on the tennis courts with resistance bands and weights. I think there were some sprints in there too...

To finish up we did planks, side-planks and passed a medicine ball while sitting up with our legs raised. Some final cool down stretches and poof! There goes an hour workout.


Fitness Class Begins

Today the company sponsored fitness class began with a good showing of about eleven people. This class was a 'light' class that got the new people like myself familiar with the program run by Beaches area trainer Pushpa Duncklee.

To start we walked the normal path for her classes at Jarboe Park. Once we knew the course we were set to run a mile or five circuits of the smaller course. Following that my memory starts to get a little blurry. We did Sit-ups, Push-ups, and then weighted lunges and squats. Back on our mats we did stomach and side planks. And then well I forget. Somewhere in there I had to take a break to avoid dry heaving like our Project Lead Ryan did on his first day of class.

It was a good workout, I can't say it was fun but, it was far from horrible.

Before my five minute drive back to the hotel was over I was feeling better, energized, ready to run another fifteen minute mile (Official time 15:01). Heh.