Office Space sequel "released"

According to the Chicago Sun-Times Mike Judge's follow-up to Office Space has been released? If this is the first you heard of Idiocracy then some cheif high mucky-muck at 20th Century Fox has done their work by trying to bury this film.

See the article:
Chicago-Sun Times: Sharp, funny view of a stupid future


Quick Reference in AJAX

QuickRef.org: A handy reference for a number of languages developed in AJAX.


How do you describe what "Doh" means?

One of my co-workers found the cause of a particularly nasty bug to be a simple fix. When he showed me, in my IM client, I replied "Doh!"

His very appropriate response was "doh means?"

How do you describe the meaning of "Doh"? It's not in the dictionary (or is it?).

In fact the best way to describe it is to actually watch the Simpsons.

I pointed him to the link above and ran off to a meeting.

My nephew Nicholas

My nephew Nicholas

From Dad's birthday dinner on Sunday evening