Merry F#@kin' Christmas

Rockstar Games is offering a few free games for download. Is it one of those slide puzzles with a screenshot of GTA4? or maybe a Tetris clone with guns and hoes for blocks? What cheap promotions are the passing off as games? Actually it's full PC versions of GTA, GTA2, and Wild Metal [Vehicle combat in a futuristic setting].



Note: Downloads were timing out when I tried this morning.

Guess what showed up Tuesday ...

I didn't think it would actually come. Tuesday while I was at work UPS delivered the Poker Tabletop that Steve had emailed me about.

It's been near impossible to contact the credit card company ('tis the season). We'll find out next week whether we were charged twice and move on from there. It's a $70 tabletop, doing the math I might save them money by keeping it.


Miracles of modern medicine

From a morning show with a deformity of the week contest, which just screams class, comes Scott. A victim of a mobile home fire at the age of 15 he needed skin grafts to assist in his recovery. The skin graft from his chest to the back of his thigh resulted in a functional third nipple. So, why not pierce it?

Follow the link if you don't believe me.

From the ecommerce experts at PokerOutlet.com

Got an email today from Steve at PokerOutlet.com with the subject "tracking". In case you missed it, these are the same geniuses who emailed me that my poker tabletop was shipping two days after it arrived.

This email says that they shipped my order, and it will be here on Tuesday. The strange thing is I only ever ordered from them once, the aforementioned tabletop. The plan is to wait and see if anything shows up. I'm guessing it won't.


Farkline Of The Week

Randy Johnson traded to Yankees in 3 way deal. Steinbrenner quoted saying "It finally took a three-way for us to grasp the Big Unit, but now that we have Johnson, our holes are filled"

[insert lebowski nihlist quote here]


Weight Watchers

Jen and I had an agreement, she wanted to join Weight Watchers and I said that it wouldn't be worth it unless we joined a gym as well.

We joined as members of the Princeton Club close to 6 months ago. Up until two weeks ago I had lost about 10 lbs while also building some muscle mass (Yes, that's an excuse). Jen meanwhile has lost 10% of her starting weight.

Jen's meeting was held over lunch at her work and that kept me from having to attend the meetings. Afterall, she just wanted to go with people she knew. Now that meeting is cancelled due to a lack of participation.

Two weeks ago I started going to meetings with Jen held at Parkside Church, near East Towne. The first week I lost almost four pounds and this week alone I shaved five pounds exactly from the previous weigh-in. In two weeks time I've lost what it had taken six months of working out alone.


PokerOutlet.com emailed me ...

PokerOutlet.com emailed me to let me know that the poker tabletop that I ordered for Jen for Me for Christmas had shipped. They gave me a fedEx tracking number, included a nice message from Marlene thanking me for my purchase.

My table arrived yesterday...