Dell 20" Widescreen LCD for $298


This is a good deal. I purchased my 20" Dell Widescreen for $360+ last year or two year ago. I've been very happy with it's performance.



Google in danger of slipping into common usage

The folks at googleblog want to point out that searching in and of itself is not googling. Therefore you cannot google something on Yahoo.com or MSN.com, you can only search for items there.

What are they trying to say? They like their trademark, Google. They don't want the term google to become so commonly used that they lose the protections afforded by it's trademark status.

I printed out a copy of this story, xerox'ed it and passed it around the office. Some people thought it was so funny they needed a kleenex. While we discussed the issue we ate jello.

Personally, I think this is an uphill battle for them.

-- Jim "I googled your mom last night." Remsik



Saturday morning I logged on to the TTL Photo site and learned that someone had ordered a print. Hooray, the first sale!

Also, metrics are fun. Between the InstaProofs admin screens and Google Analytics I have set up on the TTL Photo blog a wealth of information is being made available to me.



I set up a new site for TTL Photography. This blog will remain my personal blog.


Quick Milestone Update...

Well, that certainly didn't take long. In business for less than 18 hours and I've already had 200 shoppers visit the store. Granted I haven't made a sale ... yet. But, I am optimistic that I will at some point in the next week make that first sale.

In Business ...

Many years from now maybe I will look back at this point in time as a stepping stone that launched a long and prosperous career. For now it's just an exciting beginning.

As many of my readers know I have been taking photographs of racing all season sometimes I even got paid for it ;). This morning I officially opened for business as TTL Photography.

What does this mean exactly? It means that you can now purchase prints of pictures I have taken. The first event posted is from the Oktoberfest Race Weekend in La Crosse, WI. That includes an action shot of Trevor Stewart climbing up-the-side of another car. You will also find pictures of Landen Cassil the 17 year old who stole the race from Eddie Hoffman on the last lap.


Sunrise over the chorus ...

From Oregon Trip

This shot was taken from the patio of the condo we were staying in near Redmond, OR. As I went out to take the picture I quickly realized that it was below 40 degrees out. As I stood out there adjusting my camera I heard a faint "moo." "What the heck was that?" I thought. Apparently on the hillside across from us there were cattle grazing. I never did get a good luck at them but, after the first moo I heard a chorus of more moos.