Sick Again ...

Well, I managed to pick up another cold. I think it is directly related to the stress of a deadline at work, no not DFI, no not the Ruby On Rails project with Jon, the other work the State Lab of Hygiene.

The good news? I just delivered the "final" version. So, I don't have that hanging over me any more. Now to get the Ruby On Rails thing on track... n/m. We need to get that thing moving, ideally deployed before RailsConf '07 in May.


External HD

As you, my loyal readers .. err reader .. knows I recently had to go without my Mac Book for an unknown amount of time. This posed two problems. I didn't have my environment for working on a Ruby On Rails startup with a friend and I didn't have my windows environment for my other job.

I needed an external hard drive and suddenly had an urgent need for one this Sunday so that I could help out one of Jen's friends. Her iMac was complaining that she didn't have enough disk space. Kristen had over 3000 pictures and wanted to keep all of them. Archiving them to disc was a suitable option for her, in fact, she tried to do it herself.

Unfortunately, she didn't have enough hard drive space to burn the disc, to give her more space on her hard drive.

Western Digital WDG1SU5000 500GB MyBook Premium ES Edition External Hard Drive to the rescue!



You've seen FlickrDogs.com and FlickrBabes.com (kinda safe for work, stop back when you get home) well, with all of the good topics taken I've started FlickrCars.com. :D

Just kidding.

Interested in cars? Come check out the site. Got a Flickr account? Join the group and post some pics



MacBook Pro is back!

I'm sitting at Culver's procrastinating about stuff I need to get done for a client. Life is bhttp://www2.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifack to normal.

Phenomenal turn around time at Madison Computer Works with my issue. My video display started displaying patterns of diagonally striped noise. I took it in to Glenn S. at MCW at 2:19PM yesterday. At 3:42 PM today I get a phone call saying it's ready to be picked up. Wow!

I had reason to expect a fast-ish turnaround. Glenn told me he could order parts by 3PM and see them the next day. He also warned that he had a higher than usual volume of work which tempered my expectations.

"So, what's the damage?" I asked
"It's still under warranty, no charge" he replied.


Take THAT all you Dell totin' Apple haters!
Look under your chair, you'd be surprised at what you might find.


My MacBook (Pro) is dead ...

All good things must come to an end. My MacBook Pro caught a case of Faulty Logic Board syndrome and stopped functioning last night.

The fine folks at Madison Computer Works are doing their best to revive it. By all accounts the remedy is a quick hardware swap. Quick once they have parts on hand and not facing the largest onslaught of calls in recent memory.

Glen the "MacGuy" at MCW said since he would order the parts before 3pm the should be there sometime tomorrow. If I can maintain some priority perhaps I'll get my life back on track tomorrow night.

Of course I have no back-ups of my data, are you kidding? Looks like a multi-100's GB FireWire Drive is in my future.

Sean Johnson of IntentionallyDesigned.com prepares to bowl.

Originally uploaded by jremsikjr.
This life-sized display is generated by a projector at BarCampMadison.

Sean is trying to keep up with the other bowlers who, as you can see, are perfect so far this game.

BarCamp Madison

BarCamp Madison was held over the weekend at the Inn on the Park on the Captiol Square in Madison, WI.

BarCamp is a complimentary event to FooCamp, the very exclusive event hosted by Tim O'Reilly and company, where everyone is encouraged to participate. Sessions are lead by anyone with knowledge to share on a topic. In a session about blogs and nobody covered WordPress? Sign-up to lead a session.

Check out the Flickr Photo Pool for BarCamp Madison

See what others are saying about BarCampMadison.

Watch the WiiFight Midwest video here!



One good link deserves another.

As I was digging through my site's visitors in Google Analytics I noticed a small spike (statlagmite?) beginning 2/19. The source? A link to my Polar Plunge account from The Isthmus.

The article has links to other's accounts and includes video which shows among other groups the frogs that got engaged 'just' before my group staged.

Go check out the videos and start planning your costume for next year.