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2005 Racing Season

After much discussion with friends and family, the division in which I race will be decided by the sponsor(s) I can gather. We've set a modest dollar amount. If I can raise support to that level we will be able to comfortably afford racing in the Hobby Stock division this year.

I've been offered support in one form or another by several people. We have some exciting plans for generating the start-up revenue. As well I've got a great team of people capable of making the car get around the track in a hurry.

The recently purchased Acura Integra has been sold to a friend of the family. Once we raise initial operating capital my primary car frm 2004 will be sold.

Stay tuned for exciting developments.


It was a long Friday. My sister called and asked me to help her move. I picked up Version Zero and we got there around 10am. Other than my sister's family we were the only two to show up. We moved alot and had to leave about 4:45pm.

Matt and I stopped by my place so I could change. I dropped him at his place by 5:45pm and picked up Jen at just about 6:00pm right when she got off work. We stopped by sears to retrieve her new ring which was sent in to be sized down. Plans were to meet her mother for Dinner at Applebee's at 7:20pm. We were ahead of schedule and went walking through Sears. I decided that we had enough time I would buy a new shirt. 30 minutes later I had two new shirts and a new pair of shoes.

It's 7:20, *ring* "Hi, where are you guys?" Jen explained we were two seconds away. There was a twenty minute wait at Applebee's, we were seated 30 minutes later. The maximum capacity was 180 and obviously exceeded. We had dinner with mother-in-law. The only person I know whose conversation can both amuse her and bore herself at the same time.

An hour and a half later I noted a school bus pulling up to the front of the restraunt. Some Milton High School event had obviously just gotten over. With the Badger Hockey game final score being shown on the TVs overhead I suggested that we make our way to the next engagement.

10:15pm We parked the car a block away from the Cardinal Bar. After we made plans to meet friends there it was described to me as "...a half gay, half straight bar. You know the one that has fetish night twice a month. Oh yeah and it's 80's night." Both Jen and I had alot of fun. We joined up with Jen's co-workers Becky, Tanya and Kristin and I quickly lost Jen to a conversation with Kristin's sister Kacy who is also a criminal justice major and applying for a position with ATTIC Correctional Services, one of Jen's former employers.

The whole point of meeting at the Cardinal was so that Tanya could meet a friend of ours, "Super Fire Trooper" Greg. He never showed up.

It's too bad. This was sort of the last straw for hooking the two of them up. They've got very different schedules but seem like they would be a good fit for each other.


Plans may be changing

The current owner of my Hobby Stock is going to be attending a bachelor party this weekend and asked if we could re-schedule the sale. It's not such a bad thing. I am meeting with a friend who is looking to help me out if I drive the hobby stock this season.

We need at least:

* Motor
* Tranny
* Driveshaft
* Axle seals
* Rim/Tires

The first two/three are the biggest hurdles. That may be taken care of soon. I should know by the weekend what division I will be running in. If I sell the Integras and pick up a sponsor or two we should be in good shape.

If we decide to run the Bandit we'll need almost no investment and are all but assured a reasonable finish in the points race. Sometimes things just fall into place and you have to jump on them.


Jen's Company Party

Group Health Cooperative held their annual winter party this past weekend. It was held at the Monona Terrace. With live music and a Casino night theme it was hard not to have fun. After that we joined some of Jen's friends at a Karaoke bar. Worst. Bar Experience. Ever. We stuck around for a few hours, although if you don't sing and don't dance there isn't much for you at a karaoke bar, especially as a designated driver.

We rolled into the driveway about quarter to three, rolled out of bed at 1PM the next day. That's a pattern that has to change. ;)


Hobby Stock News

Made arrangements to pick up the hobby stock next weekend. The plan is to run Bandits this year with the goal of a top 10 points finish and then move up to the hobby stock division next season. That's the plan.

Another Integra...

This is the Acura Integra that I purchased. As mentioned in Race Car News


It really is bliss ...

What follows is an Anonymous comment on a blog article which breaks down Google Maps.

At 8:02 PM, Anonymous said...

"At the end of the day, what really matters to users is compelling apps that let them get their work done quickly."

The advent of "new" browsers taking over market share is really making us (web developers) redo sites. We don't have the staff of Google.

This is why my Lyrics site had to be redone to the version it is now. The damned addition of mozilla to the market screwed up my xmlhttp calls.

I really think mozilla is hurting the web more than helping...

It would be much easier if we only had one option to get things done. I get really annoyed that I have to pick from 2-4 different presidential candidates, maybe next time they could just decide for me.

Work is not bad, unless you're lazy.

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Race Car News

The Autocross I had planned on attending this Saturday had been cancelled. Good thing too because I wound up having to pick up my Grandmother's Cadillac from Transit Auto Mobility. They had just mounted a scooter ramp on it.

After spending a little time at her house I decided to swing by Roxy's. We're trying to get an early jump on the Memorial Day ToD. She wasn't around when I showed up. I tried starting a car and that caught the attention of a scrap collector who was waiting for Roxy to show up. He asked if he could get a ride into town for something to eat. We wound up at Wendy's.

On the way over we started talking about racing. He had a friend with him who mentioned he was trying to get rid of his 4 cyl stock car. A 1989 Acura Integra with full cage, racing seat and five-point harness. The DOHC engines had been outlawed at their local track so it's of little use to them. When pressed for a price he replied "$400?" SOLD! I said. You can't get the engines for that price let alone a whole car with cage etc.

I've got a call into the guy to go look at it. For that price unless it's a steaming pile by the time I get there it will be coming home.


Mark's Auto Body

Signed my first official sponsor of the 2005 Racing Season. Mark's Auto Body of Richland Center. The proprietor has offered to be a hired wrench on race nights as well. Pending other signings we've got a number of options for color schemes etc,. I suppose this means I should get the Integra running.

So much for that...

The state of wisconsin had been planning on hiring a person to do my job as a full-time employee. I expect I was on the top of the list to be hired.

With looming budget woes and other red tape they have decided not to fill the position at all. I am not surprised just annoyed. Mostly because it takes a lot of work to go through this process and now it all went for naught.