Race Car News

The Autocross I had planned on attending this Saturday had been cancelled. Good thing too because I wound up having to pick up my Grandmother's Cadillac from Transit Auto Mobility. They had just mounted a scooter ramp on it.

After spending a little time at her house I decided to swing by Roxy's. We're trying to get an early jump on the Memorial Day ToD. She wasn't around when I showed up. I tried starting a car and that caught the attention of a scrap collector who was waiting for Roxy to show up. He asked if he could get a ride into town for something to eat. We wound up at Wendy's.

On the way over we started talking about racing. He had a friend with him who mentioned he was trying to get rid of his 4 cyl stock car. A 1989 Acura Integra with full cage, racing seat and five-point harness. The DOHC engines had been outlawed at their local track so it's of little use to them. When pressed for a price he replied "$400?" SOLD! I said. You can't get the engines for that price let alone a whole car with cage etc.

I've got a call into the guy to go look at it. For that price unless it's a steaming pile by the time I get there it will be coming home.

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