Lightweight Utilities With a Purpose

A list, mostly based on work needs, of free utilities that make life just a little easier.

This tiny little app (170k) packs a punch. It's "a free floating command-line utility for Windows." One nifty feature is the ability to create Magic Words that can open programs, launch a browser and what not.
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Foxit Reader
An Adobe Acrobat Reader replacement that is lightweight (1.5mb) and blazingly fast. I began using it about four months ago and have been very pleased with it.

Intellisense for Transactional-SQL what more can I say except, Free!
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Chris' Wedding Pictures Posted

Ladies and Gentleman, Chris and Chateen Krueger


Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 120+ MPH

To celebrate our anniversary Jen and I took the day off of work. We traveled to the Cave of the Mounds (Blue Mounds, WI), Little Norway (Mt. Horeb, WI) and The Mount Horeb Mustard Museum. Neither of us had been to any of these destinations before. Cave of the Mounds was pretty cool (50 degrees year round) and a lot of fun. Little Norway is a former farm owned by Norwegian immigrants and later purchased and turned into a museum of Norwegian artifacts. The tour definitely gives you a feel for what the family lived through.

The Mount Horeb Mustard Museum is exactly what you'd expect, nothing more, nothing less.

We also attended Chris & Chateen Krueger's Wedding. Photos pending ...

We ran a number of errands, I put in a few hours on a side project. We ate lunch at a new Mexican restaurant we discovered, Pelayo's Mexican Restaurant. For dinner we celebrated our anniversary by dining at Fyfe's.

As an agent of D's Racing Imagery I found myself with an all access pass to the Milwaukee Mile for The Governor's Cup 50. This event was organized by the Wisconsin Challenge Series and had a series and speedway record 71 entrants competed to make the thirty-two car field. The majority of these drivers have never raced a one-mile track and were chomping at the bit to turn a thirty second lap around the oval for an average speed of 120MPH

The facility was great and I was working next to photographers who've covered everything from Road America to Bristol to Infineon Raceway and The Brickyard (Indianapolis Raceway Park). The racing presented some great photo opportunities and the overall experience was awesome.


New Flash!


I got a new flash for my Digital SLR today. After chasing the dogs around for 5 minutes I wound up with this keeper of Hanna. She's an attention whore but, hates cameras making her un-photogenic.

Update: Best viewed on black


Windows Live Writer Released

Microsoft recently released Windows Live Writer a blog-post editing tool. I didn't think much of it but decided to give it a try while waiting for servers to reboot during a deployment.

I can see if you were someone who blogged daily where this would be really helpful. A rich editor with image and formatting and mapping tools. Here, I can embed a map into my blog: 

Nope that didn't work. My blog host "..doesn't support image posting.." That's only slightly untrue, but they are talking about the competition...


Race Results - 8/13

Well, I thought I had set a modest enough goal. I just wanted to finish fourth or above.

As I won on Friday I started in the rear of Sunday's event. As the green flag fell I stuck like glue to the car in front of me, Dave Moore. We powered past the inside row and got past the one car that started in front of us, Andy Ward. Clearing Andy I began to race Dave hard for the lead. He was slow entering the corners but would regain all the he lost on the exit of the corner. In turn three and four he was sliding up the track. In getting behind him to make a run on the low side through the corner we came across a stalled car on the track. Dave checked up and I tapped the brakes and was sent around. I kept my foot on the gas as I slid through the infield and found the infield pit exit stripe and raced down it trying to catch the leader. Didn't make it but, I did break the pattern and meet my goal, finished second.



Race Results - 8/11

The first race of the weekend went well. Starting on the front row my car bogged down a little on the start, thankfully the guy on the outside bogged down worse. Once in the lead I was able to pull away from the field. I lapped two cars and finished over a half a lap in front of second place. That result earned me a start in the rear at tomorrow's Lions' Club race. My goal is a fourth place or higher. For those playing along at home here are the results of each race this season:

6/16 - 8th (Driving a borrowed car.)
6/30 - 5th
7/14 - 1st
7/21 - 5th
8/4 - 1st
8/5 - 5th
8/11 - 1st

As you can see there is a developed pattern that I am trying to break tomorrow.

Football didn't go as well as expected. Bears won 1-0 after the catalytic converter on the "Bronco Payton" nearly started on fire.

Columbus 151 Speedway 8/11 Press Release


Brazilian racer in intensive care after hitting deer on Wisconsin Track

Champ Car driver Cristiano da Matta's condition has stabilized but he remains in intensive care with a head injury after a collision with a deer at Road America.

When asked how the deer got onto the property, Road America media director Julie Sebranek said, "They have been known to jump the 8-foot [high barbed-wire topped] fences."

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New Website for Programmers and Designers to Find Each Other

A new website has launched for programmers, designers, web entrepreneurs and content writers to find each other and work together to create websites and web applications.

Jim says:
Not a new idea but a decent implementation.

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Race Results 8/5

Bah, I got held up on the starting line by a slow car. I caught the fifth place car but got a wheel in the infield and lost a straight away recovering. Managed to come back and steal the 5th spot in the last turn of the last lap. Definitely was fun to chase him down and grab the spot right at the end.

The 8/6 event was rained out, postponed until next Sunday.


Race Results 8/4

The race started off on an interesting note when the Winner of the Late Model feature decided to cross the track as we were coming down the straight-away. Had we not slowed down to avoid him he would have been upset.

Using my front row starting position I managed to break away from the pack and win my second event of the season. Tonight there is a special event that will include the back-ups in addition to a Late Model feature that will last 151 laps. I'll have to start in the back for tonight's race due to winning last night. If I can navigate trasffic I might be able to get a decent finish.

Sunday is the Lions' Club's annual race at Columbus 151 Speedway. That event will also features a back-up race making it three races this weekend. If I don't happen to win Saturday night I will more than likely start near the front again.


Introduction to 90 Online File Storage Services

"You can use them to send big files, or backup your documentation. Some services can be accessed from your web browser, others may have a client program for you to auto-backup your hard drive."

Jim says:
One of the more useful 'lists' I've seen lately. Coincidentally I've been looking into the topic for backing-up photos so, we don't lose anything important like the 598 pictures of our dog's nose. :)

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Sam The Disaster Horse Teaches Children About Terrorism (PDF Link)

A coloring book including illustrated version of 9/11 attacks (page 4). The kids can even color-in Terrorism on page 5.

Jim says:
I'm saddened to learn that my tax monies went into the support if not creation of this crap.

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Photographer Sued By Plagiarist?

In a weird turn of events, it appears that photographer Kris Krug is being sued by another photographer who allegedly stole Kris' photographs.

Jim says:
I'm not naive enough to think that putting stuff on flickr might get it published or otherwise used for someone else's benefit. In fact I've been unknowingly featured in an AOL book of weird places on the internet that prominantly displayed the logo for my site. This goes beyond that. After being caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he's suing the guy he stole from for saying that he stole from him. Uhhh...

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Game show contestant finds bug in the shows random generator and wins big.

When CBS first aired Press Your Luck in 1983, it quickly caught the attention of Michael Larsen, an unemployed Mister Softee ice cream truck driver from Ohio...And so he spent his last $100.00 on a discount airline ticket and flew to Los Angeles, hoping to be contestant...Soon Michael had swept the board and his winnings became unstoppable.

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