Race Results - 8/13

Well, I thought I had set a modest enough goal. I just wanted to finish fourth or above.

As I won on Friday I started in the rear of Sunday's event. As the green flag fell I stuck like glue to the car in front of me, Dave Moore. We powered past the inside row and got past the one car that started in front of us, Andy Ward. Clearing Andy I began to race Dave hard for the lead. He was slow entering the corners but would regain all the he lost on the exit of the corner. In turn three and four he was sliding up the track. In getting behind him to make a run on the low side through the corner we came across a stalled car on the track. Dave checked up and I tapped the brakes and was sent around. I kept my foot on the gas as I slid through the infield and found the infield pit exit stripe and raced down it trying to catch the leader. Didn't make it but, I did break the pattern and meet my goal, finished second.


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