I woke up to the sun shining in my eyes on Saturday. That meant the dogs didn't wake us up
at 6:30 to let them out.

I got up and noticed that Hanna wasn't laying on the bed next to Jen. She is ``always`` on
the bed in the morning.

Less than two minutes after I got up I get a phone call. "This is the DeForest Family
Restraunt. You have two dogs wandering out in front of our building. They are being nice
to some people... and not nice to others."

I throw some clothes on tell Jen what is going on and head out. I make it to the living
room when I realize that the front door is standing wide open. Near as I can figure the
last person in from smoking the night before didn't shut the door tight.

I raced over to the DFR where I see our two dogs trotting around liked escaped lions. As I
pulled in Wrinkles makes his way over to the car. I don't think he realized it was me. He
seemed startled when I called his name. Both dogs love to go for car rides and the few
times they have freed themselves we usually coax them into the car where we can leash

Wrinkles ran up to the open car door, stopped, sniffed, and turned to run off. I grabbed
him around the waist and got my right arm under his chest and lifted his front up into the
car and threw his back legs in after him.

Shutting the door my attention focused on Hanna who had sat and watched while Wrinkles was
gathered into the Subaru. Hanna came immediately to her name being called and jumped into
the re-opened car door.

After pulling the car into a parking stall I went in and thanked Natalie for going out and
reading Hanna's tags and then the lady who had called us.

<sappyEnding>That's what I'm thankful for this holiday weekend</sappyEnding>


I can't believe some decency activists aren't complaining about the vlasic lid marketing... Posted by Hello


"Call a Locksmith!"

Although unlike Robin and Maid Marion (in Robin Hood: Men in Tights), I was trying to get into my car. It seems some bozo locked them, dangling from the ignition, in my Mitsubishi Mirage.

I went in to work early on Saturday. As usual there wasn't a single car in the parking garage. As usual I took the spot right outside the door. Sure, I do have an assigned spot but, it's not like the Deputy Secretary will be in on a Saturday to use his parking stall.

I had a bunch of CD's I was going to rip while working. With hands full I rush out of the car. Just before the door closes I catch it. *Phew!* I almost forgot to set the emergency brake! *Slam!* Emergency Brake now set I head up to work. After about five hours at work I go to meet Jen at my parents house. "D'oH!"

I had Jen come and get me. We could finish the shopping she had left then go home and get keys. Yeah, uhm, you see, about the keys... the spare is apparently lost. As I am searching around the house Jen asks if AAA has a lock out service. They do.

We drove in and Jen dropped me off at 1:00 on Sunday. I placed the Road Service Request to AAA via their website. In hindsight that was kinda strange how often are you stuck, need roadside service AND have access to the Net. After placing the order my confirmation screen comes up blank. My confirmation says (para-phrased) "Yep, you requested service." Then I read the What Next section. It says stay near the phone you dialed from in case the Locksmith has questions etc AND make sure and meet the service person near your car. CRAP! I left my cell phone at the house. This is the third time this year that I've left the house without my cell, never happens. So, I call the 1-800-AAA-HELP or whatever it was. After a 5 minute conversation the operator found my request or at least she called someone who could confirm it. I stated that I need to change my contact number to (608) 220-2685 a work help phone #. She said she would update the request. I thanked her, grabbed the phone and ran down to the driveway.

There sits a Mike's Towing flatbed. I greet the driver and he asks where the car is. We proceed down to the lowest level of the parking ramp. He says "Don't you race out at Columbus 151 Speedway?" ... "You're one of the Remsik's aren't you?" ... it was just a little embarrasing.

On our way down he asks what kind of locks it has. They're just a typical slide lock. He had the car unlocked inside of two seconds. Slim jim down the window opening, slide to the left and pop the door open.

As it turns out I had also not turned the ignition off completely. The battery was drained down to nothing. A few minutes later we had jumped the car and left it run while I escorted him back to his truck.

All this because the punk ass kids in our neighborhood steal the change out of the ash trays if we don't lock the doors. Yeah, see it's not MY fault...



As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.


I was greeted with long lines at the polls ... both times

We got out and cast our vote Tuesday. Jen and I went to the polls before work. We got in line at 7:10 AM. We slowly moved along until finally at 8:30 AM we had to leave to make it to work on time. We could just about see the polling registration desk but we simply could not wait any longer or Jen would be late for work.

We worked our normal 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM and raced home (30 Minutes). We made it to the back to the polling location at 6:40 PM. The line was much longer and wrapped around the block. By 8:00 PM, when the polls close, we made it to just inside the door. At that point they pulled everyone inside the builing and wound them through the library shelves and locked the doors.

Finally, at 9: 05 PM we made it to the registration desk and at 9:10 PM we were officially counted among the record turn out of voters. It was nearly four hours of waiting in line but, I am glad that we stuck it out. I can't say it was for naught even though our choice for president failed to garner the electoral votes needed. We had some local races that were fairly close and we were happy to be a part of those smaller victories.