Guess where we were on Saturday?

Prepping the field.

MPD Canine Unit was on the field for a demonstration.

National Anthem

Don't worry, he pop-flew out.

Strike One!

Hansen have apparently cut their hair and taken up baseball.

Good 1st inning.

About to make contact.

Safe @ Second!


Some Dork. ;)

"What's in there?"

"In frame"

+1 Art

Girl at Olbrich Gardens Bloomin' Butterflies exhibit gets up close and personal.


What is this thing?

It doesn't really spit water does it?

Look out!

The faces changed periodically.

Random kid wanting "up."

When it rains ...

Water-spitting video sculpture (sans water).

Water-spitting video sculpture.

MIke & Sam and some dork with a camera bag.

Focal B&W, Julio and I are colorized

Group shot.

It apparently felt cold.

Venus (statues name, I think) was under reconstruction.

More Flowers.

Flowers in millenium park.

Where're we going?

Chicago Special Events Fire Vehicle

E&J again.

Emmy & Julio in front of the Congress Hotel.

Samantha & Mike

Budweiser Crowd Shot.

Waiting for Emmy and Julio.

Robinson's had great BBQ pulled turkey.