Race Report

I've been having a pretty good luck at the race track this season, at least the nights that I have shown up. With vacations to Portland, OR; Ocala, FL; Chicago, IL and pending weddings my attendance at the track has been less than 100%. Still on the nights I have appeared it's been worthwhile.

OK, I do have one DNF (Did Not Finish). Other than that I've had one 4th place finish, a 2nd, and three wins. Tonight, after waiting in line 8 hours for my iPhone, I made it up to the track and scored my first ever set of back-to-back victories.


My motorsports photography portfolio ...

Trying to land a gig down in Illinois for this Saturday lead to the creation of this flash-based slideshow.

Let me know what you think


More Backwards Racing video

A produced segment

This feature was put together for a now defunct show called RaceDay on the now defunct TNN (The Nashville Network). It is packed with action and accidents as well as legendary back-up racers Jug Hur, Dave Moore, and Bruce Havel.

As johnhelmer and others have commented the video incorrectly states the location of Columbus 151 Speedway as Columbus, OH when in reality we share a home state with Matt Kenseth, the late Alan Kulwicki, andDave Marcis, among many others.


Backwards Racing? Yeah, Backwards Racing

8 Laps in Reverse, as fast as you can.

This is an older video of the Wild & Crazy Back-up cars from Columbus 151 Speedway in Columbus, WI. The video is focused on my car but you get a good feel for the racing and the carnage that happens when you race in reverse.

Most every Friday Night in the summer you'll find me at Columbus 151 Speedway.