More Backwards Racing video

A produced segment

This feature was put together for a now defunct show called RaceDay on the now defunct TNN (The Nashville Network). It is packed with action and accidents as well as legendary back-up racers Jug Hur, Dave Moore, and Bruce Havel.

As johnhelmer and others have commented the video incorrectly states the location of Columbus 151 Speedway as Columbus, OH when in reality we share a home state with Matt Kenseth, the late Alan Kulwicki, andDave Marcis, among many others.


johnhelmer said...

I see they finally got the state right at the end of that piece. Started out on the screen as Columbus OH. They must have watched the race and said "these boys can race". That's when they knew it couldn't have been the buckeye state!

Jim Remsik Jr said...


Not sure where the confusion came in on the whole WI v. OH. I should clear that up in my post.

I've never spent more than an hour in Ohio to know well they race so, I'll just accept the compliment that the back-ups race well. ;)