Catching up ...

Where does the time go?

I handed out this URL in my going away email three months ago and haven't posted twice since. Things are going well in Florida. Meeting lots of great people and enjoying the new gig.

Thankfully, I am still in the place on the beach and I wake up to the sound of the ocean each morning. Otherwise I wouldn't see it. Between working, organizing/promoting the local ruby user group, and trying to catch up with personal life... well, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

I am shopping for a Dune Buggy and just missed out on an ebay auction where I got sniped in the last 30 seconds. The buggy was in Elkhorn, WI and the plan was for Lark and I to drive it down to Florida from Wisconsin. Would have been a long, strange trip.

Wisconsin is about the same as when I left it 3 weeks ago, only colder. We've been to my sister's house, brother's house, both of my wife's grandparents' homes (2 hours north). For a four day weekend, I've already logged 12 hours just driving to visit folks. Not that I'm complaining. Seeing people I probably wouldn't have if I weren't moved away.

I'll try to keep this thing up to date. No promises though.


Off to Jacksonville, FL for good...

Moving day, me and my suitcase are headed to the coast. The wife and dogs will join me in about six months. Hard to say goodbye to so many friends and co-workers but, I am extremely excited for the potential of the new job.

More later...