Being noticed on Flickr

A blog I read regularly, Strobist, is in the middle of a series on the future of Flickr. Specifically how it will be monetized and evolve into a marketplace for photography and photographers.

How timely is it that earlier this week I was contacted by an artist from Fountain Valley, California who was interested in using one of my photos as the inspiration for a painting? After a few emails back and forth he has agreed to compensate me for his use of my work. The artist, Bradford J. Salamon, will also send me a digital copy of the finished version.

It's been a pleasant experience dealing with Bradford and I am excited to see the results of his work. It is also a great feeling to know what you do is inspiring to others.


New Camera Body

Well, my money is in Paypal's hands and in "Pending" status according to the seller. This is my new camera once the money actually gets deposited.

Canon EOS 1 D Mark II (2) N

Worthy of a few bullet points:

  • 8.2 Megapixel

  • 8.5 Frames Per Second (Up to 48 shots continuous, 22 Raw)

  • 45 Point Auto Focus

  • Weather Sealed Body

  • Exposes from 30 Seconds to 1/8000 sec

  • Uses CompactFlash and/or SD Memory Cards

Now all I need to do is learn to take pictures!


Release, relief and pain

Well, I figured I should probably make an entry here, it seems like forever since I posted anything.

After a quick re-engagement I got a call on Friday from John Olson of the State Lab of Hygiene. My work there was done. The Time and Status Reporting application that I was brought in to adapt from DFI's implementation was working as expected on all fronts.

So, again, I'm done with them.

I finished our taxes tonight. Pleasantly surprised that we're getting a refund this year. *Phew*

Working on a toothache and a bottle of vicodin. Toothache is winning to this point. :S

Working on a purchase that would provide a serious improvement in camera equipment. Details are emerging but, I'll sit on them until I have secured the deal. Things are looking good though. Hoping Paypal doesn't choke on my payment.