ToD Not an Udder Failure

The plan was four cars, four drivers and that quickly fell away. We wound up with 2 cars and four drivers with Steve replacing Jason who wound up being unable to attend due to prior obligations. Of the 2 cars, the Toyota Camry was asked to leave the first race it was in with a fuel leak and was retired for the evening. That left us with a 1988 Subaru Wagon. The first race that it made was the Back-Up race as the AutoBowling was not an event offered this year.

I won my heat and took second in the feature in the back-ups despite spinning twice and thinking the feature race was over after lap 2.

Garrett took the Moo-baru out for the Spin-To-Win he started out slow but, quickly realized that he could finish well above last place. Someone stopped short in front of him as he was trying to spin and another car clipped his left front disabling the tierod.

What followed was a waterballoon fight where unsuspecting co-workers were drawn from the side of the track and ambushed. Thanks to Matt and Michelle for filling up the nearly 300 waterballoons.

So, Matt never drove, Garrett drove once, and I drove two races.

Our cars were dead so we loaned our trailer to a guy to haul our barrels of colored water labeled Petrol, Washer Fluid and Anti-Freeze. They unfortunately never made it on to the track as they fell off on the entrance ramp. A Ford Aerostar van then launched itself onto the trailer and snapped the thick I-beam axle in half. D'oh, that was a borrowed trailer!

In the end everyone had fun and plans are being made for the Labor Day tournament.


Hey. why isn't that valve connected to anything on top .. Ohhhhhh... CRAP.


VersionZero Update

VersionZero has accepted a full time position with Dane County MIS. Congratulations Matt!


Stupid Static Electricity

C:\>format f: /FS:FAT32 /Q /X

Insert new disk for drive F:
and press ENTER when ready...
The type of the file system is RAW.
The new file system is FAT32.
QuickFormatting 465M
Initializing the File Allocation Table (FAT)...
Volume label (11 characters, ENTER for none)? SOME_CF_DRIVE
Invalid media or Track 0 bad - disk unusable.