It's vinyl siding ... And I helped!

Friday: Built a fire on the patio, uh, in the fire pit.

Saturday: Up and in the yard by 6:30am; Finished landscaping by planting the "last" 12 plants (hosta and goutweed); Changed sparkplugs on my father-in-laws pick-up truck.


Out the door at 7am on our way to my Brother's house to put up vinyl siding. The whole process of siding is surprisingly simple. There is a fair amount of work involved and we had to go buy a ladder I was comfortable using. The old siding was mostly torn off and we installed siding up to the soffet on three sides.

There was a fair turnout of 12 adults and a pile of rugrats. Between us we had the combined knowledge of 2 people who had ever sided before. We expertly (read: luckily) crafted pieces to go around windows, doors, and electrical meters.

You'll have to take my word for it though as we forgot to take a camera.

Monday: We drove up to Waupaca to pick-up a desk from Jen's grandparents house. Four hours roundtrip we were all tired enough from siding that we didn't stop to socialize with the rest of her family up there.


Long Weekend

It's felt like a very long weekend. We didn't do all that much. We started a landscaping project on Friday and finished it with some help from our families on Saturday afternoon. (Thanks Al, Mom, Dad, Matt, and Nicholas)

With the grueling labor portion of the weekend over we thought long and hard about going to the Drive-in theater in Jefferson. Our decision was made for us when my sister called wondering if we were done with landscaping. She had just gotten off of work and was looking to help if need or join us for dinner. We decided to take the Buick to the 5 And Diner but, all the kings mechanics and all the kings men couldn't get the battery to charge any faster.

We decided the next morning to make the trip to the 5 and Diner with the Buick. When we pulled up you'd have thought we were celebrities. The owner came out and told us to park in front in the striped area in front of the door. A number of the staff stopped by to compliment and a few patrons as well. Attention though is why you buy a light turqoise over white '55 Buick. It certainly isn't the gas mileage. ;)

And now, I'm sitting in my screened in gazebo on my deck next to a fresh fire and writing a blog post on my MacBook Pro listening to the sprinklers spray 6 cubic yards of mulch and 30 new plants.

Strike that, the fire just went out.