It's vinyl siding ... And I helped!

Friday: Built a fire on the patio, uh, in the fire pit.

Saturday: Up and in the yard by 6:30am; Finished landscaping by planting the "last" 12 plants (hosta and goutweed); Changed sparkplugs on my father-in-laws pick-up truck.


Out the door at 7am on our way to my Brother's house to put up vinyl siding. The whole process of siding is surprisingly simple. There is a fair amount of work involved and we had to go buy a ladder I was comfortable using. The old siding was mostly torn off and we installed siding up to the soffet on three sides.

There was a fair turnout of 12 adults and a pile of rugrats. Between us we had the combined knowledge of 2 people who had ever sided before. We expertly (read: luckily) crafted pieces to go around windows, doors, and electrical meters.

You'll have to take my word for it though as we forgot to take a camera.

Monday: We drove up to Waupaca to pick-up a desk from Jen's grandparents house. Four hours roundtrip we were all tired enough from siding that we didn't stop to socialize with the rest of her family up there.

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