Race Results - 8/11

The first race of the weekend went well. Starting on the front row my car bogged down a little on the start, thankfully the guy on the outside bogged down worse. Once in the lead I was able to pull away from the field. I lapped two cars and finished over a half a lap in front of second place. That result earned me a start in the rear at tomorrow's Lions' Club race. My goal is a fourth place or higher. For those playing along at home here are the results of each race this season:

6/16 - 8th (Driving a borrowed car.)
6/30 - 5th
7/14 - 1st
7/21 - 5th
8/4 - 1st
8/5 - 5th
8/11 - 1st

As you can see there is a developed pattern that I am trying to break tomorrow.

Football didn't go as well as expected. Bears won 1-0 after the catalytic converter on the "Bronco Payton" nearly started on fire.

Columbus 151 Speedway 8/11 Press Release

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