It was a long Friday. My sister called and asked me to help her move. I picked up Version Zero and we got there around 10am. Other than my sister's family we were the only two to show up. We moved alot and had to leave about 4:45pm.

Matt and I stopped by my place so I could change. I dropped him at his place by 5:45pm and picked up Jen at just about 6:00pm right when she got off work. We stopped by sears to retrieve her new ring which was sent in to be sized down. Plans were to meet her mother for Dinner at Applebee's at 7:20pm. We were ahead of schedule and went walking through Sears. I decided that we had enough time I would buy a new shirt. 30 minutes later I had two new shirts and a new pair of shoes.

It's 7:20, *ring* "Hi, where are you guys?" Jen explained we were two seconds away. There was a twenty minute wait at Applebee's, we were seated 30 minutes later. The maximum capacity was 180 and obviously exceeded. We had dinner with mother-in-law. The only person I know whose conversation can both amuse her and bore herself at the same time.

An hour and a half later I noted a school bus pulling up to the front of the restraunt. Some Milton High School event had obviously just gotten over. With the Badger Hockey game final score being shown on the TVs overhead I suggested that we make our way to the next engagement.

10:15pm We parked the car a block away from the Cardinal Bar. After we made plans to meet friends there it was described to me as "...a half gay, half straight bar. You know the one that has fetish night twice a month. Oh yeah and it's 80's night." Both Jen and I had alot of fun. We joined up with Jen's co-workers Becky, Tanya and Kristin and I quickly lost Jen to a conversation with Kristin's sister Kacy who is also a criminal justice major and applying for a position with ATTIC Correctional Services, one of Jen's former employers.

The whole point of meeting at the Cardinal was so that Tanya could meet a friend of ours, "Super Fire Trooper" Greg. He never showed up.

It's too bad. This was sort of the last straw for hooking the two of them up. They've got very different schedules but seem like they would be a good fit for each other.

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