Plans may be changing

The current owner of my Hobby Stock is going to be attending a bachelor party this weekend and asked if we could re-schedule the sale. It's not such a bad thing. I am meeting with a friend who is looking to help me out if I drive the hobby stock this season.

We need at least:

* Motor
* Tranny
* Driveshaft
* Axle seals
* Rim/Tires

The first two/three are the biggest hurdles. That may be taken care of soon. I should know by the weekend what division I will be running in. If I sell the Integras and pick up a sponsor or two we should be in good shape.

If we decide to run the Bandit we'll need almost no investment and are all but assured a reasonable finish in the points race. Sometimes things just fall into place and you have to jump on them.

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