Race Reports Week 1 & 2

Combined race reports for weeks 1 & 2. Subconsciously, I probably didn't want to post week 1 on it's own.

Week 1

I had residual mechanical problems from last year that caused me to make it on track but, not be able to race. Big bummer but, I got the 4 points for making an attempt.

Week 2

After the failure of week one I was happy to make some laps at speed. My low point total placed me on the front row outside. From there I took off and had the early lead. In fact I lead the first six or so laps. Laps that were filled with side by side racing with seven time back-up champion Bruce Havel and I door-to-door, backwards, at speeds reaching almost 60 MPH. We came upon the slower traffic of Wayne Hook. Going through the corner Bruce took the high groove and I took the low groove splitting around Wayne and then coming back together door-to-door. Subsequent lapped traffic stole the victory from me.

Second place for the second race of the season. Makes me wish I had been able to make the first race...

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