8/6 Results - Columbus 151

After last weeks feature I noticed we had a tire that needed to be replaced. We bought a new Goodyear Regatta 2 and didn't get a chance to break it in before qualifying. So on a sticker tire I turned a slow 16.8, one of my slower times of the season.

That still put me inside row two for the fast heat. A few laps in, while racing for second, I got tagged by Dan "Big Tiny" Gosda who was racing hard for his position in points. I half spun and recovered but not before sliding to the rear. I chased down Tiny and ran out of time. Sixth out of six. Blech.

I started inside row three for the feature. A favorable spot as I have won the race from further back than that before. The guy ahead of me was an inexperienced driver in a fast car. Both of the cars in the front row slid up the track in the first corner. Mike Winters ducked underneath them and I followed. Apparently, Ryan Oetzel and Linda Carignan got hooked together and then came down on me. They drove hard into my right front and the rear of my car slid out. I backed into the wall and turned my head to see the rest of the field driving into my door. My helmet hit the rollbar and I saw a big flash of light.

I was able to get the car restarted and drive off despite the saftey crew member telling me that I needed a tow. That was an interesting exchange that went something like this:

Safety Crew Member: "You need a tow ..."
Me: "I do?"
SCM: "Yea, you need a tow ..."
Me: "I need a tow?"
SCM: "Yup, you need a tow ..."

At that point I started the car, it rolled so I put it into first and pulled away.

There was a complete restart as the first lap had not been completed. On the restart the car was loose, not sure why. I ran about eight laps and then spun on my own. The car overheated so I pulled off. 17th out of 18. Blech.

Tina turned in her best time of the season at a 16.3, finished second in her heat and 7th in the feature.

Now, the feature winner from this week Mike Winters knocked me out of 10th spot in points. I know I have one more night that I am guaranteed to miss for the trip to Jamaica. I am hoping for a top ten in points. There are two drivers above me who will not be coming back for the rest of the season. It's doable.

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