Two aspirin called me this morning ...

wait, that's not how it goes. I'm supposed to take the aspirin home and call on them later... nevermind. We went over to a friends house (Bob & Jen) on New Years Eve. We left home at 5:30 PM and got home at 5:30 AM. I'm still feeling the effects of the 1/2 litre of Myers' Dark Rum that disappeared last night (hence the aspirin).

We met Lenny and Corrine a couple that Bob & Jen knew, I had met Corrine before at the racetrack when she was working the computer. We played Texas Hold'em, Blurt, Guesstures, Scattegories and maybe some more that I don't recall.

We missed the ball drop because we were deciding where to usher in the new year. in the kitchen? or 6 feet to the left where we could see the living room. Not that anyone really cared.

I commented on this next point to Jen on the way over to the party. New Year's eve seemingly without fail has put me with a unique group of people whom I never would've (,could've, should've) assembled on my own. Times Square in 2000 with my sister and her friend Brenda. 1996 where I spent the evening with a friend of a friend, his parents and grandparents. Last night with Bob & Jen, Lenny and Corrine, and Greg who apparently had to go pick his friend up from a house party where he was involved in a fight. All one of a kind experinces that I was happy to have been a part of.

To all my friends and anyone reading this, Happy New Year.

P.s. Don't let me forget to go help Bob clean the kitchen floor later. No, it's not as bad as you think. Bob spilled his drink when he pounded the table to make a point. He refreshed his drink and I moved it out of the way and two minutes later knocked his new drink over. Malibu and Coke gets sticky on linoleum ;)

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