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Our timeline:

Getting in, getting settled. (See Touchdown)

Walking tour of Leiden. Leiden is a, formerly walled in, city with cobblestone streets. Jen and Jon had a walking tour book that highlighted 40 points of interest from the centuries old churches (pic) to the modern hospital.

Wrapping up the walking tour.

A short trip to Amsterdam. We got started late and left early. It's a bustling metropolis that left you feeling harried. We came back to go to Market (Markt) with Jon. The 6-10 block walk was the longest since his appendix removal. At Market we got fries with mayo and fries with sate` sauce. (pic)

Hugh (from Ireland) went with us to "Sideways" the Academy award winning comedy.

Thursday (Donderdag)
A day trip to The Hague (Den Haag). Just a ten minute train ride from Leiden is the home to the government of Holland. A bigger city than Leiden yet smaller than Amsterdam. We followed another walking tour through the streets of The Hague. (pic)

When we got back we went out to east at Cojico, a mexican restraunt next to Jon and Jen's place. We the hooked up with them and Simon (their Dutch teacher) at the Harmonie Bar.

Trip to Antwerp (Belgium). St. Catherines Cathedral is a deceivingly large church that reaches 400+ feet twowards the sky. Antwerp is a harbor town with lots of sites to see, very much a New York City feel, if New York was around form the 9th century. We decided to eat at Pizza Hut. Walked in the door and there was a terrible odor. Jen then reminded us what the smell was, dead mice. We high tailed it down the street to a more traditional pizzeria. While we were there a bachelorette party came in.

Got to run .... More later ....

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