Practice Last Night, Racing Tonight

We got the car out for practice last night. I only drove forward as we shook it out. It feels like pretty fast but, doesn't handle real well. After some adjustments it started too handle a little better. The radiator overflowed so we had to quit for the night.

As we had improved the handling on with tire pressures we measured the tires. It currently has all seasons on the rear and Mud and Snow tires on the front. The tires measured out like this:

Left Right
Front 81 1/4" 89"
Back 90 1/4" 90 1/4"

That's right 8" of stagger across the front and zero across the back. Of course what we're not seeing in these numbers is the spring work that was done to achieve the desireable 1 1/2" of stagger in the rear. The stagger in the front is just old school thinking of how to put the rubber to the asphalt, at least according to my Dad. I don't get it but, the car didn't feel awful. Even with awful tires...

Pictures coming soon. Forgot to offload them from the compact flash last night.

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