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Two months after the end of the racing season what kind of "news" would you expect to hear? None. At least that is what I expected.

I got an email from the editor of Late Model Digest asking me if I had received my copy in the mail yet (I hadn't). He told me he would drop a copy in the mail by the end of last week. This evening when I got to the mail I found a copy mixed in with the Christmas cards. Paging through I stopped on a familiar picture, two familiar pictures to be exact. Both were featured along-side articles about Oktoberfest. So, that was pretty cool, the first time my work was featured in print. Late Model Digest is a racing news paper with nationwide coverage and distribution. I hope to have the paper at work tomorrow if anyone who reads this blog is interested. Good news as my discussions with the editor of Late Model Digest continue, I've been asked to let the paper know where I would like to shoot next year and they'll help me make that happen.

Saturday Jen and I went out to eat for lunch. We stopped at Culver's on cottage grove road in Madison (in large part because they had free wifi). As we're perusing the menu I look down and notice there is a display promoting Culver's sponsorship of a local driver Frank Kreyer. Again I noticed a familiar picture, the pink Culver's #99 from the Wisconsin Challenge Series event at the Milwaukee Mile. It's wierd/pretty cool to walk into a business and see your work prominently displayed.

Well, that's enough carrying on for one post, just thought I would share.

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