Jen's grandfather is doing fine ...

We took off from work around noon on Friday. Jen's grandfather had suffered a heart attack. Before we left Madison we found out that a full recovery was expected so we decided to stay for Garrett's going away lunch.

After that we drove from De Forest, WI to Marshfield, WI. Tom had been transported there from the hospital in Wild Rose. We made good time and got up there around 4:30 PM.

They had performed a procedure in which two shunts (one-way valves) were installed. He woke up shortly after we arrived and was talkative, as usual. There was a large collection of family in the room, clearly ignoring the sign "2 Visitors Maximum." We stayed at the hospital until 9PM and got a hotel in Stevens Point for the evening.

I have to recommend Bill's Pizza, it was good, fast, and fairly priced.

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