My Interview with DFI

I had my interview with The Department of Financial Institutions today for a full-time permanent position. They were looking for a permanent employee to fill the role of Production Support Analyst. Basically, keep everything running on the website.

It seemed to go very well. I was nervous in the hours leading up to the interview, way more nervous than the situation warranted. The interview was being conducted by four people I work with on a daily basis. John, Donna, Sue and the soon to be departed Garrett, which is not to say that Garrett is not long for this earth rather, he is moving on to another position.

There were eleven premeditated questions, some of them multi-part. All crafted to elicit the skills possesed by the candidates some even skillfully. After being asked one particularly verbose and confusing question I asked the panel, "Is that the most poorly written question ever?" Forgetting, or momentarily not realizing that the questions had all been written or gathered by people at DFI. Donna pointed at John while Garrett's face turned beet red. Sue mentioned that she thought that Garrett might have written it much to his chagrin.

He recovered with a quick re-wording of the question that caused a sudden clearness to rush through my head. "AH! That's what you asked." (I'd argue that's not what they asked but, obviously what they were looking to cull. ;)

The question that caught me most off-guard was what five words would you use to describe yourself? I chose:


The interview proper consumed the first fifty minutes of the alotted hour. After which we discussed the process that ensued. There are more candidates to interview for the two open positions. Not all of the interviews have been scheduled yet so the timetable for any potential offer is unknown.

At the sound of the buzzer (4:00 PM) the final discussions wrapped up and the interview was over.

Now to get this stupid tie off.

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