iTunes Audiobooks, DaVinci, and Spoiler fun

With the travels we have planned for this summer we decided to look into a few audiobooks. This evening I purchased "The DaVinci Code (Unabridged)", one of the best sellers of 2003, which is 15 hours long.

There, that should keep us busy for a while. Of course, it will take a few moments for the 300+ MB content to download. It was broken into 7 files (or tracks) and a preview was offered. I listened to the first 8 minutes or so and the quality is good, the story sounds interesting. Did you hear the guy gets his head cut off?

That wasn't a spoiler, it's my default spoiler and it always catches someone, usually Chris. :D

Did you see the latest episode of Lost? Locke gets his head cut off!

Did you see The Price Is Right this morning? Bob Barker cut off some ladies head..

It's especially effective for Tivo owners.

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