ProFlowers, These people are serious.

My brother, sister and I decided to order some flowers for my Dad. Samantha asked, "Do you recommend anywhere?" Based on my Valentines Day experience I recommended ProFlowers.com. When I got to work the next day I, coincidentally, had a coupon waiting in my inbox. We ordered 32 Iris and Tulip in a nice vase. The total, including next morning shipping was $58.53.

About an hour later I received an email that our order had shipped. The flowers made the trek from Eureka, California to Ocala, Florida and were out on a truck for delivery some 3000 mi away in a matter of ~20 hours.

Pretty impressive.

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Anonymous said...

If you do have a problem with any of their orders (and I've ordered from them at least 20 times) they are very responsive. In spite of a couple of problems--exception, not the rule--I don't hesitate to use them.