[Florida Round-Up] Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs was described to me as:

* A Greek Community
* The place with the Sponge Docks
* A good daytrip from Ocala, FL

It certainly fulfilled each of those. Like you think of chinatown so is Tarpon Springs a greek town and not just at the touristy areas. We went to Costa's for lunch which is... a greek restaurant. I had a gyro while Jen had chicken souvlaki (chicken breast gyro).

We went through most of the shops, it has a very Wisconsin Dells strip feel to it. Only instead of dells they have docks and some of the richest sponge beds in the world. We went on a sponge harvesting exhibition cruise. They showed us how the divers used to dive for sponges. Our diver Travis noted my Packers' shirt and asked where we were from, he had come down a couple years ago from Stevens Point, WI to make a living as a diver.

With a two hour drive down and back and a couple hours worth of shopping and cruising it filled out the day pretty well.

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