MacBook Pro Ordered

Monday evening I ordered a 17" MacBook Pro.

I've been thinking about getting a Mac for a while and was swayed to replace my Sony Vaio laptop with a MacBook Pro by the ability to natively boot into OS X or Windows. I won't be the first (, second, or third) person I know with a MacBook Pro but, I don't know anyone with a 17".

Do I really need a 17" laptop? At a pound more than the hefty feeling 15.4" MacBook Pro if weight were a leading concern I doubt I would have gone with the 17". To be honest though weight isn't a factor. My need for portability isn't running down to the coffeeshop twice a day. It's taking my computer on vacation or occassionally to work. Once it gets setup, it is there for approximately 8 hours or more.

The Dual Layer SuperDrive 8x is pretty cool. Do I have such little free time or such a great need to burn CDs/DVDs that I couldn't wait for a 4x? Nope.

What it comes down to is the 17" is priced so close to the 15.4" that for my needs it didn't make sense to not get the extra screen real estate and enhanced features offered.

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