Friends of Bob & Tom Comedy Tour

Last night we went to the Friends of Bob & Tom Comedy Tour featuring:

David Crowe ****
Greg 'Flute-man' Warren ***
Mike Birbiglia *****
Auggie Smith *

(*'s = iTunes style ratings)

It was a great night of comedy. David Crowe was the opening act and acted as host for the remainder of the show, he was a pleasant surprise as I didn't recognize his name. Mike Birbiglia stole the show in my opinion. He looked absolutely comfortable on stage and delivered laugh after laugh (highly recommended). Auggie Smith got caught up in the smoking ban, which appeased a lot of the audience so despite the equine death he kept whipping. Flute-man is Flute-man not much more, still funny though.

Although much of their best material can be heard on Bob & Tom, if you go the the Friends of Tour you get to hear them deliver their jokes without Bob, Tom, Christy, and Chick drowning them in their live laugh-track.

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