Stupid Political Games

Rice brokers Gaza border crossing deal
Condoleezza Rice, the American secretary of state, has helped secure an agreement between Israel and Palestine to open the Gaza Strip's borders. After all-night negotiations, Ms Rice announced that the main ...

Ugh, could they be more obvious that Condi is going to run for the presidency in '08? The picture looks like Deb took it in her basement while waiting for Uncle Rico to get there. The flag in the background, the makeover to soften her image, I wouldn't be surprised if she was told to think of seahorses to get her to relax. Not that I have anything against Rice, it's just annoying that the think the public isn't going to recognize the obvious efforts to presidentialize the candidates.

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Matt said...

Oh, I think people have already started to recognize it. But except for politics junkies, nobody cares, not yet anyway.

A Condi run would be entertaining on many levels. (That's not meant maliciously.) However, I've not been terribly impressed with her job performance as SecState. Of course, it's hard to tell how much of State's lackluster performance is due to her or GWB.

No doubt she's bloody brilliant, but I still don't know if she can do the "vision thing".