Rest in Peace, Sam (& Zippy, Too)

Sam: The World's Ugliest Dog

Sam, a pure-bred chinese crested and three time winner of the
'World's ugliest' dog contest has passed away at the age of 14 years (that's 98 in dog years).

Zippy, another contestant in the World's Ugliest Dog arena and also a chinese crested followed Sam just a day later.

There remains the possiblity that a new breed of younger uglier dogs is out there waiting to be discovered but, I find it hard to fathom we'll see as ugly snouts as we did on Sam and Zippy, nor could they be more loved.

What does the blogosphere say?

Brit Blogger Says:

[takes off hat... *sniff*]

farewell Sam, may your ugly mug grace the halls of doggie heaven.

Persian Guy Says:
Rest in Peace little guy

Jessa Jeffries says:
The time has come for us all to mourn him. The most glorious of all God's creatures.
And so, in his memory I ask you all to share a Good Bye Sam Haiku.

watch over us all
from your ugly cloud above
and go scare jesus
~Silent Matt

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Kelly A. Smith said...

I just wanted to say thank you - on behalf of Zippy. A tribute to her love, life, and achievements can be seen at her site
She was a very special girl -
Zippy's Mom
Kelly A. Smith
Naples, FL