Another new site: Remsik.com

Second verse, same as the first...

Remsik.com has a splash page up. At it's peak it was a place that our family had a blog and could check on birthdays and the like. The plan is to get it back to being a functional family portal.

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Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,
just wanted to feel a connention to you as my family. I am doing well, and the boys as well Drew and Tyler just finshed football this year and both are there faters sons. They are awsome blockers and Tyler got a lot of fumble returns ans saced the Qb a lot the coaches are very impressed. Drew is in jr. high and next year will be on the JV football team. Sabrina is in dance both ballett and tap and ty has decided to cut his hair tankns to the influnce of Jim for locks for love he will be getting it cut on the school T.V. station and can't wait! Drew is going out with girl who's name is Amberley and is very swet not to memtion a runner up ineht Wisocnsin little Miss contest. We all miss Mark every day and not one momeent We don't laught at the memeories we had with him. I hope you all do the same. We still attend Destiny and Pastor Peste wated to send his hellos to all of you. Jim i have a favor for you and please call me soon. i would love to have pictures taken of me and the kids in black and white for our christmeas cards as well as one to hang above the mantle. I want to ask all of you to just drop a line to the boys, thanks so much for keeping in touch Mom and Dad. We pray for all of you daily for the pain to minimize with each passing day and we pray for Mom and Dad and their healh care and safe travels for the holiday. Our home phone with the same number will be up this week. All of us want more than anything to be close to all of you in thenexet difficult months. The first nine have been hell and I want to thank you all for your cares and prayers. Cant wait to see you all very soon

Love Tiff Drew Ty and Bria