Link: OBD/OBDII Location

This is one of the most useful auto-based projects available on the internets.

Weber State University is cataloging the location of OBD/OBDII ports AND providing pictures of what they look like!

I was looking for the OBD port to read the codes on our Subaru Forester and after many a google searches:
OBD Port Location
Where is my OBD port
Subaru OBDII port location
Please for the love of jeebus tell me where my OBD port is!

The National OBD Clearinghouse in 30 seconds pointed out my error. I had been looking under the dash when the OBDII port is located just inches below the steering wheel.

None the less, this is a tremendous tool for weekend mechanics and those interested in attempting to diagnose and resolve vehicle computer problems on their own.


Anonymous said...

You are an absolute saint. I too was searching the freakin internet for where the port was (and I've used it before lol)

Jim Remsik Jr said...

If I could help just one person then this post was worthwhile. You're the first person to say it's helped but, this page is one of my most visited. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Shane said...

Great link! Best source for drive cycle information for triggering a retest of the car's diagnostics. Thanks for the help!