Life goes on

Yesterday was my first day back at work. It wasn't very productive but, I was there. Still not operating near 100% and as of this morning seem to have picked up cold-like symptoms.

I skipped out on the MadisonRails: Code and Coffee last night as I was adjusting back to a work-day schedule that didn't involve waking up at 9am and napping whenever I felt the need. Jen had a couple tests to take at school which left me time to hang out at Chris' house until 7:30. After that we grabbed a bite to eat and stopped at my parents' house to pick-up a plant my mom was holding for me.

After talking to my parents last night I learned that the period from onset to death of Mark's enlarged heart condition was "years". A promising sign for the rest of us as there are treatments for the condition if it is detected early.

We left my Parent's house at 10:30pm, so much for easing back into things.

Mom and Dad worked with Tiffany to finish the Thank You cards for people that signed in at either the wake or the funeral. They sent out over 300 cards. Knowing that most people signed in once per family etc there were likely closer to 600 than 200.

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