Rough night ...

It's 3:46 am. I decided to get up and stay up as opposed to trying to sleep the few minutes between trips to the porcelain goddess.

Mark's wake was from 3-6pm tonight. I spent the majority of the night in the receiving line. I am no longer used to standing in one spot for three hours. In a previous life doing manual labor 12 hours was not uncommon. The evening left me sore and we stopped just down the road to get a bite to eat. After moving about 1/4 speed to and from the car and exhibiting other unmentionable symptoms I asked Jen to take me to urgent care.

The wait was too long. We got there at quarter after seven and were told we could have an 8:30pm appointment. After symptoms started to multiply we were moved up in the queue.

After blood-work an EKG reading and other tests that didn't include having my temperature taken we were leaving a a little past 9 with a prescription for a couple Vicodin. Those only stayed in my system for an hour or so.

That leaves me sitting here typing on my blog at nigh 4:00am in the morning, starving and afraid to eat. My trusty saltines and a bottle of water nothing more than decoration on my desk.

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